R.W. Wentworth & Co., Inc.

  R.W. Wentworth & Co., Inc. (Wentworth) provides investment and business development advisory services to a wide range of clients. Founded in 1998 with its headquarters in New York City, Wentworth's mission is to deliver competitive financial returns and increased benefits to its clients by incorporating socially responsible economic, environmental, social and corporate factors into strategic investment decisions.

Wentworth's business is divided into two basic segments:
  Wentworth Corporate Advisors

Business development and financial advisory services, including mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and Economic and Capital Markets Analysis.

An auction platform in which states, state agencies and other institutional investors can receive bids for the reinvestment of proceeds from bond issues. In addition, providers of investment contracts and repurchase agreements can bid for the investment of state, agency and municipal funds.
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