Wentworth Auction

WentworthAuction is a bid auction platform on which states, state agencies, and other institutional investors can receive bids for the re-investment of bond proceeds and surplus cash. In addition, providers of investment contracts and repurchase agreements can bid for the investment of state, agency and municipal funds.

WentworthAuction gives its issuer-clients the following benefits:

  Multiple Bid Methods   Bids are submitted using auction system whereby bids can be improved. This fosters increased demand for an issuer's funds.  
  Bid Error Elimination   All bid information is entered into a web-based table with strict error control. This eliminates bid errors.  
  Process Transparency   The issuer can observe the auction in real time, viewing all elements of the auction process.  
  Instant Bid Calculation   Upon the end of an auction period, the results of the auction are posted instantly to all bidders. The winning bidder is verified within seconds.  
  Electronic Documents   Before the auction the Preliminary Official Statement (POS) and Notice of Sale (NOS) are distributed electronically, at no cost to the issuer.  
  Cost Reduction   The posting of documents online coupled with electronic advertising can save issuers thousands of dollars in issuance costs.  
  Security   No funds are transmitted over the Internet.  
  Confidentiality   Bidders must be preauthorized by the Issuer and must meet the strict criteria of the issuer. Bidders have unique password/ID combinations. Bidders are anonymous during the auction.  

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