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One of the problems facing small businesses is the increasing size of the vendor contracts being issued by both large corporations and governments. In many instances, the typical small firm will not be large enough to qualify for such contracts. One of the options available to the business owner is a merger or an acquisition. WCA has established a comprehensive, step-by-step process for maximizing the value of a company. Once a business owner decides to sell his/her company, WCA advises the client on an effective sales strategy and the structure of a transaction that will maximize the benefits to the seller.

Financing and Capital Raising

WCA helps provide capital, focusing on private small enterprises. The firm specializes in finding small, worthy companies, providing them hands-on business and market development advisory services and when the companies are ready, bringing them to the attention of targeted funds for additional financing.

WCA provides a deal flow for Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs) and angel investors.

WCA is involved by:

Syndicating early-stage investment opportunities to its network of institutional and accredited investors.
Specializing in rounds of $500K to $5MM in companies with a bankable core management team/experienced entrepreneurs.
Accessing a large multi-billion dollar market opportunity that has been ignored or poorly served by the marketplace.

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